Plant Growth Regulator

Thiourea 99% SP

1.  Common name: Thiourea;

2.  Chemical names: Thiocarbamide;

3.  Chemical class: Thioamides;

4.  Type of formulation: SP (soluble powder);

5.  Active ingredient and its content: 990g/kg;

6.  Structural formula: 


7.  Toxic class (WHO): Slightly hazardous (III);

8.  CAS registry number: 62-56-6;

9. Appearance: white powder

10. Applications:

Thiourea is a kind of chemical material that can used to break the seed dormancy and induce bud break synchronously.

The cold and dry climate often make the seeds stay in a state of dormancy, so germination often does not occur as early as we expect. Thiourea can take effect in such conditions.

Thiourea also take effect to inducing leaf and flower bud break synchronously, in such a condition, the pollination and fertilization of flowers can be improved and fruit-setting can consequently be promoted. 

Mixing and dilution.

Pre-mix the required amount of product with a small volume of water to create slurry without lumps. Then half fill the spray tank with clean water and add this pre-mixed slurry to the tank. Agitate until mixture is well suspended. Then fill the spray tank to the final water level. Continue agitation during spraying until the tank is completely empty.

Spray immediately after mixing

Target pest and rate


Timing of Application



Mung Bean (mainly in arid region)

Soak seeds before sowing

500 ppm

Break dormancy and induce synchronous germination


After harvest, pruning and fertilization

40-50gram per 8 liter water

Induce leafbud breaking synchronously.

During late germination stage, when most leaves are dark green (60-70days after germination)

Force trees to blossom out simultaneously.

Longan, Litchi

After harvest, pruning and fertilization

30-40 gram per 8 liter water

Induce leafbud breaking synchronously.

Citrus trees

After harvest, pruning and fertilization

20-30 gram per 8 liter water

Induce leafbud breaking synchronously.


5-7 days before rice heading

20-30 gram per 8 liter water

Make rice heading at the same time.


1) The application of thiourea should be conducted in early morning or late afternoon. Do not use the product when sunshine is strong and temperature is too high.

2) Make sure the spray cover all the leaves. Do not spray when leaves are young and tender.

3) Apply sufficient fertilizer and water before and after the treatment.

4) It is strongly recommended that trials of the product is conducted on small area or several trees so as to avoid potential phytotoxic effect.

5) Wear protective equipment and clothes during application.