Platform Agrotech Co., Ltd. was incorporated in China, a country with large population but small per capita field. Chinese have been developing agricultural technology to nourish the booming population in the past several decades. We successfully achieved the highest yield per hectare for many crops, particularly for paddy. This continuous innovation makes China a large reservoir of modern farming technologies. Platform Agrotech is devoted to introducing the valuable technology to other countries where sufficient and safe food are required.

We provide both plant-protection and plant-nutrition solutions to farmers. These solutions are based on continuous development and innovation of our agrochemical products, which cover a wide range of herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, molluscicide, rodenticide, foliar fertilizer, soil fertilizer as well as the application methods and techniques of these products. Currently, we provide plantation solutions for rice, wheat, maize, soybean, cassava, sugarcane, sugar beet and tropical fruits.

We hope Platform Agrotech can be our conjunct platform of technology, capital, human resource to create value for agriculture and everyone involved in this sector.

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