KamheroAgriculture Ltd., the subsidiary of Platform Agrotech in Cambodia, is dedicatedto build up a kingdom of agribusiness in this amazing country full ofhigh-grade paddy and tropical fruits.

Kamhero startedsales of pesticide and fertilizer products in 2015. Currently, the pesticide sales is the only business that we are handling, which contains 3 sectors: the pesticide sales to medium-and-small-scales farms through local distribution channel, the supply to farming company through bidding and partnership, and theone-stop plant protection service for paddy farms.

We planned our development in Cambodia into 3 stages. Our 1st target is to grow the company to be the leading pesticide supplier, the annual turnover reaches 10million U.S. Dollar. In the 2nd stage, Kamhero will incorporatepaddy seed and fertilizer into the business, the annual turnover will reaches U.S. Dollar 30 million per year. Then, we will combine various resources through partnership and incorporation so as to build up the biosphere of agribusiness, which contains both agricultural input and output in the operation of the company.

Most countries in South Asia have dense population and small per capita land. And most of the agricultural land there is under the threat of natural disasters like typhoon, tsunami, floods, drought etc. However, Cambodia seems favored by the God tolocate in one plain with just 15 million people and sufficient water supplyfrom Mekong river and Tonle Sap lake. It is naturally immune from natural disasters such as typhoon and tsunami, which are barricaded by Vietnam in theeast and Thailand in the west. The only threat of flood and draught now becomes more and more tamed due to the rapid construction of irrigation system. In the foreseeable future, Cambodia, this old civilian with brilliant culture andlong-lasting history, will be a rising star in agriculture sector in South Asia. 

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