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Triflusulfuron-methyl 97%TC 50%WP

Quality Standards of TC:

  Crystal powder of white color without mechanical and magnetizable impurities; 

  Content of active ingredient: not less than 97% by mass; 
  Moisture content: not more than 1.0% by mass;   

  pH of 1% water suspension: 4.0-6.0; 
  Quantity of insoluble impurities in acetone (10% solution): no more than 0,3%; 


This product is a sulfonylurea herbicides. Inhibition of acetyl lactic acid plant enzymes (ALS) synthesis, blocking the side chain amino acid biosynthesis, which affects the cells divide and grow. The product of the herbicide, sugar beet field many broadleaf weeds and gramineous weeds, and high safety after bud herbicide, according to two times the recommended dosage of application, the sugar beet is highly safe, in l ~ 2 leaf sugar beet DT50 < 6 h. Adding non-ionic surface active agent or vegetable oils helps to improve the solubility, and highly active. Recommended dosage is 10 ~ 25 g (A.I.)/ha, and adding 0.05% ~ 0.25% (volume) of surfactant or 0.5 ~ 1.0 (volume) of vegetable oil.

Packing& Delivery& Storage:

Packing Detail: 25kg/cardboard drum

Delivery Time: 10-20days shipment

Storage Detail: keep the goods in dry and cool place