Plant Growth Regulator

Mepiquat chloride 98% TC

1. Basic Information:

    Mepiquat chloride is a commonly used plant growth regulator at present. It is a kind of plant growth retardant, which can prevent plants from over growing, and has been used by many countries like USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, etc.


Mepiquat, Mepiquat chloride 98% TC

3: Mode of Actions:

  • Restrain the elongation of cell;
  • Inhibit gibberellic acid synthesis in plants;
  • Stay the growth of nutrition;
  • Make plants shorter and increase content of chlorophyll;
  • Control growth of main stem and branches to lower the plant;
  • Help flowers and fruits not to fall, accelerate mature and increase turnout.  

5. Toxicological test:

  • The acute oral toxicity of mepiquat chloride TC in adult rats is low;
  • The acute dermal toxicity is low;
  • The acute inhalation toxicity is low;
  • The mepiquat chloride has no irritation to rabbit eyes and skin.
  • The 3-causing test is negative, mepiquat chloride is not teratogenic, carcinogenic, and mutagenic.

6. Environmental impact data of mepiquat chloride:

     Mepiquat chloride has low environmental toxicity, little impact on beneficial organisms, and easy degradation in water and soil.