N,N-Dimethyldecanamide 99%

N,N-Dimethyldecanamide 99% is often used as solvent, or emulsifier sometimes, to formulate pharmacieticals, veterinary medicine, pesticide and cosmetics. 


SOLVENT for tebuconazole ec/ew/me 
official European REACH registration license

This is based on fatty acid dimethylamide chemistry and is typically an excellent solvent for pesticide formuations.This is an excellent solvent for pesticides and represents a suitable green and safer alternative to conventional solvents like NMP, DMF, and Xylene.

Its low water solubility and crystal inhibition properties offer additional benefits to formulate and optimize plant protection ECs and emulsions. The use of this solvent to suppress the tendency of formulations with water soluble active ingredients to form crystals, when diluted with water.

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