Ingredient:  Micromolecule of chitosan

Formulation: Soluble liquid

Character: Easier to absorb and active resistance

Function: Control virus infection

Ingredient: 0.1 billion CFU/gram Bacillus subtilis Micro Granule

FormulationMicrocapsule granule

Character: Longer shelf life

Function: Control a wide range of soilborn disease

Ingredient: 0.1 billion CFU/gram Trichoderma harzianum

Formulation: Water soluble granule

Character: Longer shelf life

Function: Control fungal infection

Ingredient: 0.5 billion CFU/g microcapsule granule

Formulation: Water soluble granule

Character: Longer shelf life

FunctionControl bacterial diseases

Ingredient:  0.2 billion/g Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

FormulationPowder/Bacterial suspension

CharacterEnrich the soil

Function: Inhibit pathogens, Control pests

Ingredient:  Calcium fatty acid

Formulation: Soluble liquid

Character: Promote the formation of soil aggregates 

Function: Increase efficacy of fertilisers

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